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Scott Kidd

Scott Kidd has rapidly charted a course in the real estate sector, focusing on multifamily apartment investing in Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida.

His success in this field draws from his extensive background as a yacht captain, where he managed multimillion-dollar vessels and navigated challenging waters across the globe.

With over 25 years in maritime leadership, holding a USCG Master license for significant tonnage, Scott's expertise in asset management and strategic planning is now expertly applied to the property market. His unique perspective, honed from years at sea, offers invaluable insights into risk management and decision-making in real estate.

As the founder of the Yachtie Real Estate Investors group in Florida and a mentor with Legasea, Scott blends his nautical wisdom with real estate investment strategies, guiding fellow investors through the currents of the property market with the same skill and confidence he demonstrated on the high seas.

Tate Siemer

Tate's passion is improving apartment buildings in such a way that maximizes value of community. In order to provide solid, consistent returns to investors and well-being to residents, Tate and team operate clean, safe, progressive communities that promote a thriving living environment. Tate hosts “The Apartment Gurus Podcast” and serves on the Executive Board of the Utah Real Estate Investor Association. He enjoys helping fellow investors and entrepreneurs through mentoring and coaching. Tate's other passions include big-mountain skiing and mountain biking, music, and hiking with his dog, Joey.

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1) Identify Value

With specific Market Analysis and key understandings of Cap Rates, Rent Rates, and Deal Structure we find opportunities with Equity and Cashflow Opportunity

2) Underwrite for Accuracy

Confirming our Initial analysis we now dig into the details of every aspect and angle to assess the present and future cashflow and value.

3) Collaborate for Funding

Coordinating with our funding partners as well as institutional lenders we structure investments with solid returns for our partners.

4) Management for Expected Profits

Acquisition is only the beginning so our team continues the.plan forward with a systematic management from repairs to rent collection.


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