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Cash Flow Connections

Episode: 814 - Networking with Billionaires - Captain Scott Kidd

Hunter Thompson

ROI Clear Podcast

Be Clear. Be Grateful. Listen.

Scott Kidd

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Property Profits

Episode: 814 - Networking with Billionaires - Captain Scott Kidd

Hunter Thompson

Path to Passive

Episode #30 - From Maritime Expertise to Real Estate Prosperity With Scott Kidd

Host Steven Arita

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Importance of Mindset

The Journey to Success with Scott Kidd

Hosted by Eddie Austin

The Captain's Guide to Thriving in Multifamily Markets

Pivot to Prosperity - Ginny Bolling

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Business of Boating

Captain Scott Kidd: Charting a Course in Yachting and Real Estate

with Merrill Charette

Taking the Leap Into Commercial Real Estate

Episode 23: Seas to Skyscrapers: Sailing Through the Tides of Commercial Real Estate

Angel Gonzalez - Click Here

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Invest Smarter Podcast

Episode 128

with Simon Castillo - Click Here


Episode 42: Overcoming Liming beliefs

Alex Ramirez - Click Here

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From Tech Developer to RE Developer

Episode 1

with Ivan Alfaro - Click Here

Spur Equity

Episode 2

Rav and Param Singh- Click Here

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Misfits of Real Estate

Live with Mark Updegraff and Matt Drouin

Action Taker$ Unscripted

Episode 4

Arsineo Hart

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Guest on Diary of an Apartment Investor

with Brian Briscoe - Click Here

The Apartment Guys Podcast

with Tate Siemer

Link to Listen in HERE

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Shark Pool Podcast

Podcast Description

Zana Investing Podcast

The Yacht Captain Helping Others Chart a Course for Wealth with Scott Kidd

Click Here

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  1. Personalized Investment Blueprint:

    We'll walk you through a tailored plan, aligning with your financial goals and showing you the best opportunities in the current market.

  2. Uncover Hidden Opportunities:

    With our vast experience and network, we can introduce you to investment options you might not have considered or known existed.

  3. Risk Mitigation:

    Understand the potential pitfalls in real estate investments and learn how our proven strategies reduce those risks, giving you peace of mind.

  4. ROI Estimation

Get a clear picture of potential returns, ensuring your investments align with your retirement objectives.


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Your Step By Step Checklist to Launch Your Journey into Investing by a Yacht Captain whose been managing $20 million Assets for 20 years.

  • Where can you look to know if a Property is a Solid Investment?

  • Crucial Questions that Reveal if the Team will Succeed

  • Understand How Deals are Structured, AND If Their Structured Fairly